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765 days ago
Wladimir Troyan: Globalism

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Wladimir Troyan: Globalism // Astana: Digital Library of Kazakhstan (BIBLIO.KZ). Updated: 20.07.2017 . URL: (date of access: 25.08.2019 )

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Author(s) of the publication: Wladimir Troyan

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Wladimir Troyan: Globalism

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Wladimir Troyan, Wladimir Troyan: Globalism // Astana: Digital Library of Kazakhstan (BIBLIO.KZ). Updated: 20.07.2017. URL: (date of access: 25.08.2019).

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Alex Pankovets
Minsk, Belarus
641 views rating
20.07.2017 (765 days ago)
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Wladimir Troyan: Globalism

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