Five Biggest Winnings on Internet Platforms
Nowadays online casino is an opportunity to legitimately get a big jackpot. Million-dollar wins are quite real even at the minimum rates. Progressive jackpot is an accumulative system that allows you to collect a large bank with small amounts. Given the multi-million audience, your win is a real opportunity to catch your luck. In this article we will tell you about five people who played in real-money licensed casinos - best real money online casino - with little hope of winning and won million-dollar jackpots. The fifth place in the ranking of lucky men is the man who won 11 609 942 dollars in Mega Moolah This case is exceptional not only because of one of the largest sums in the history drawn in the amount of 11 609 942 dollars was won but because the man won the prize with the help of the gadget on which the mobile application was installed. Furthermore, the bet of one and a half dollar provided a giant jackpot, which took 28th place in the top of the winning combinations from Mega Moolah. As a matter of fact, Mega Moolah is the most generous Internet platform, it allows participants to win every 9-10 weeks, further increasing the number of millionaires around the world. The fourth position is taken by the lucky Marcus Goodwin, who conquered Mega Moolah with a win of 11 633 898 dollars In November 2016, placing a bet on the Mega Moolah machine, Marcus Goodwin received a combination that allowed him to get a huge jackpot that was collected just 3 months after the last win. Becoming the 29 prize-winner in the history of the slot, Goodwin couldn’t believe his luck and said that he would spend money on traveling and buying a cozy home for the whole family. Opening the top three is the Norwegian student, who won 11,736,375 euros in Mega Fortune On September 24, 2011 a student from Hordaland, Norway, after being to cinema, decided to use 10 Mega Fortune spins he got as a gift. Having made 10 rotations and received a prize of 46 NOK, he placed them for 11 ... Читать далее

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Five Biggest Winnings on Internet Platforms

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